Ways to Get Around in Hong Kong

Ways to Get Around Hong Kong

There are many ways to get around Hong Kong. For such a busy, crowded city, the transportation system is excellent. Trains, buses and minibuses all stick to schedules, which is … Read On…

Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids Successfully

Grow Phalaenopsis orchids successfully

Orchids always blow me away by their stunning beauty. I’ve always wondered how to grow Phalaenopsis orchids successfully since I’ve managed to kill two since I’ve moved to Hong Kong! … Read On…

container gardening rules

Container Gardening Rules

If you want to have amazing container gardens, there are some container gardening rules that apply universally. There are a number of factors that you need to think about before … Read On…

save the bees grow flowers

Save the Bees…Grow Flowers

“Save the Bees!” We need them to pollinate our gardens and fruit trees. So how can we attract bees into our garden? Not just any bees, honey bees. They need pollen rich flowers

The ultimate spot remover

The Ultimate Spot Remover

Are you a spot magnet like me, (and my hubbie)?  I’m talking about grease, fat and just about anything else that leaves spots on your clothes. I’ve searched Pinterest, the … Read On…

chamomile tea rejuvenates African violets

Chamomile Tea Rejuvenates African Violets

Chamomile tea rejuvenates African Violets Are your African Violets tired, droopy and fed up? I used to apply food every time I watered mine, but it didn’t do anything. It … Read On…