Mom’s Apple Crumble

There is something so comforting, so homey, so Fallish about apple crumble, don’t you agree? That sweet, intoxicating smell that wafts from the oven evokes sweet memories of childhood, sitting around a farmhouse table, digging into bowls of freshly made apple crumble. It’s the favorite dessert in my house today and every time I make it I think of Mom. I make it all year long, but it’s undoubtedly the best when the apples are fresh off the tree.

Mom's Apple Crumble

These apples are Paula Red’s, an apple that is descended from the McIntosh. It is very suitable for this recipe as it becomes very soft when cooked.

Growing up on a farm that came with apple orchards, we enjoyed lots of fresh apples. It’s one of the things I miss the most from home. I miss the old familiar varieties of apples, like Gravenstiens and Cortlands which were ideal for cooking and eating. They are unknown varieties in Hong Kong. But I have found Granny Smith apples mixed with the sweet Fuji apple makes an acceptable apple crumble. I like an apple that cooks down to a sauce. None of those apples that hold their shape during cooking for me! Not even in pies!!

So, when I was home this summer, the first Gravenstiens appeared, in early September, I bought a 20 lb bag and made apple crumbles for everyone. They were pushing the season just a bit with these Gravs, but I was happy, because I got my apple crumble. They were green as grass and required lots of sugar. Sugar is a variable in any recipe, and in this one, how much you use will depend on the sweetness of the apples.

Mom's Apple Crumble

The recipe that I’m going to share with you today is the one that my Mom made. Some people like a lot of crunch in their topping, but this one is a fine, floury mixture and it’s just delicious. I mean, honestly, you have to try it! Serve it with ice cream, vanilla custard, or a drizzle of cream.

Mom’s Apple Crumble


1 cup         all purpose flour

1/2 c          brown sugar

1/2 c          quick rolled oats

1/3 c          butter, softened, but not melted

4-5 c          peeled, sliced apples like Gravenstien, Cortland, Granny Smith or any other apple that cooks

down well.

1/4 – 1/3 c granulated sugar, depending on how tart your apples are.

1 Tbsp      cinnamon



Mom's Apple Crumble

Peel and slice apples and put into a 9×13″ baking dish.

Sprinkle about 1/4c of sugar on the top and stir into the apples. If your apples are tart, use more sugar.

Sprinkle the cinnamon on top of apples.

The crumble:

Mix crumble ingredients in a medium size bowl.

Cut butter into dry ingredients with a fork, until fine and crumbly.

Bake @ 350F for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Serves 10 – 14.

Mom's Apple Crumble

*Note: Feel free to adjust the amounts in the crumble if you like more or less crumble!

What’s your favorite apple dessert? Drop me a line in the comments!

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