Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Stanley Market was at the top of my list of must see places the very first time I came to Hong Kong. I had dreams about Stanley Market. I dreamed I was with my sister and we were somewhere near the China border, and I was in, what seemed to me, a market. It was Stanley Market, as far as I was concerned. There were lots of things for sale, but strangely, they looked more Chinese than the things I’d heard were in Stanley Market. I was haunted by visions of Stanley Market, so I had to go as soon as I could to see for myself!

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

The Promenade

A Brief History of Stanley Market

The truth is, Stanley Market is on the South-east side of Hong Kong Island. Beyond that is the open sea. During the Second World War, the Japanese held their prisoners of war at a high security prison located at the end of the Tung Tau Wan Rd. It’s still in use today. But, if I hadn’t told you that, you wouldn’t know, because the only thing that concerns most visitors to Stanley is the market and the incredible views and lovely beaches with crystal clear waters. And that’s all that concerned me!

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Looking Northward on the Promenade toward the Murray House.

Stanley was traditionally a fishing village. Over the centuries, it morphed into a market town as more people moved into the area. In the last century, it has become a melting pot of Westerners and Chinese, a mix of grand villas, posh high rises, and modest apartment buildings. There are lots of dogs and friendly, well-fed cats around.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Friendly faces.

Stanley Market today

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Shops in Stanley Market.

Whatever it was before, Stanley Market has become a magnet for tourists seeking bargains on Chinese souvenirs, handbags, scarves, art, and export clothing, overstocks and factory seconds, made for the Western market.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Art for sale.

Some of the beautiful features of Stanley are the boardwalk that stretches the length of Stanley Market Main Street and beyond, and it’s beaches. There are many historic sites to see, such as the old Police Station that’s been converted into the Australian Wellcome Supermarket, and the Murray House, that was moved, piece by piece, in 1982, from the present day location of the Bank of China in Admiralty. It was reopened in 2002 in it’s new location.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

The Old Police Station that’s been converted into a supermarket.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there’s more to Stanley Market, than market! The whole place is steeped in history and much of it has been preserved, which makes it special. It is home to a large number of expats and their foreign domestic helpers. The local Chinese run the shops and do a bit of fishing.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Happy doggies in Stanley Market.

It’s totally worth your while to make it part of your trip to Hong Kong too! When you get tired shopping, there are lots of cute cafes and restaurants where you can refreshed. Don’t forget, the beaches are great too! Yes, Stanley has more than one beach. It’s got at least two that I know about. It’s beaches are crowded on the weekends, but almost empty during the week.

If you’re going by bus, take 6 , 6X, for express, or 260 from Excahnge Square in Central. If you take 6 you will have more views of the beautiful scenery on the other side of the hill. Whatever bus you take, make sure you get off at Stanley Village as there are more than one stop named Stanley “something”.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful piece of digital artwork, done by my husband.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Fishing junk in front of Murray House.


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