Tai Po District – Hong Kong

Tai Po District is located on the North East side of the New Territories, on the shores of Tolo Channel. It takes in about 148 square km, covering the areas of Tai Po, Tai Po Kau, Tai Wo, Ting Kok, Plover Cove and part of the Sai Kung Peninsula.Tai Po District - Hong Kong

In the old days, Tai Po Market, the seat of Tai Po District, was a market town. It still feels like a market town. There is a large wet market located in Tai Po Market Old Town, famous for it’s excellent fish market. They also sell chicken, beef and pork, fruit, vegetables, tofu, noodles and some dry goods. On the street, and in the square, there are more stalls selling fruit and vegetables. There’s no lack of food in this town!

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

The market street near the Railway Museum in Tai Po.


As in all of Hong Kong, there is no shortage of shops. I enjoy poking around the little shops that are located in the old section of town. You never know what you might find, and I always feel like I’m on a treasure hunt when I go inside one of them!

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

General Store

The new part of town, which is over 20 years old now, is located on the North side of the Lam Tsuen River. Much of it is sitting on reclaimed land from the sea.

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

Lam Tsuen River

Tai Po Center is in the new section of Tai Po and it is a large residential estate underneath which there is a mall that is spread across 4 zones, (A-D), plus Tai Po Plaza. Tai Po Center Mega Mall has a vast array of shops and restaurants, including many of the locally, well-known chains, such as Bossini, Mirabelle, Wilsons, Fortress, Suning, G2000, UNIQLO, H & M,  Log-On, Watson’s, Mannings as well as many jewelry shops, if that’s your thing. Yata, a large Japanese department store, is also located on two levels in Zone B of the mall. They sell everything from appliances to shoes, clothing to household items, and groceries.

To give you an idea of the size of Tai Po District, as of the last census, taken in 2011, there were 296,853 people living in the area. Interestingly, they seem to be evenly distributed throughout the area. It is by no means an accurate figure. The figure, in reality, is probably much larger. At least, it feels that way! For instance, I don’t think that figure includes the foreign helpers or the number of Mainland Chinese that have moved here in recent years, some for work and some for schooling.

6 good reasons to live in Tai Po District.

1. Tolo Bay: We’re just a 20 minute walk from Tolo Bay, a beautiful expanse of salt water to the East of Tai Po District. 

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

View of Ma On Shan and Tolo Bay.

2. Tai Po Waterfront Park: Tai Po Waterfront Park is a large area that includes different garden areas profiling specific plant families, such as the Rose Garden, the Malvacae Garden, the Palm Garden, the Camellia Garden, in addition to the Herb Garden and the Bug Garden. There is also a large lawn which is a popular location for kite flying. A lawn bowling green is located on the West side of the park as well as several children’s playgrounds in different locations throughout the park. The best part of all are the many walking trails, as well as the long walk along the bay. You can also hire a bike and ride out to the end of the trail, or you can go up the river in the opposite direction.

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

Tai Po Waterfront Park

3. Tai Po to Sha Tin bicycle trail:  Optionally, you can ride the roughly 11 km bike trail to Sha Tin where you can return your bike if you’re too tired to bicycle back! The flat, paved, bicycle track is along the bay shore most of the way, and offers stunning views of the bay and the nearby mountains. You can also take the opposite direction on the bicycle path and head toward Tai Mei Tuk!

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

Pick up your bike here at Tai Po Waterfront Park.

4Tai Po Railway Museum: The Tai Po Railway Museum is located near the present MTR track, but in the old section of town. It’s about a 15 minute walk from the Tai Po Market Station. They have some old cars that were operated by the KCR and a nice display of pictures and explanations in the old station. Part of the track has been preserved on which the cars are parked. It’s a fun place to spend an hour with the little ones.

Tai Po district - Hong Kong

Old Tai Po Market Railway Museum

5. Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve: This is one of my favorite places to go. It includes over 400 hectares of woods and is home to many bird, animal and butterfly species. There are plenty of monkeys around. And trails galore. It’s a hiker’s paradise. It’s located on the old Tai Po road, along the Western part of Tai Po District.

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

Tai Po district - Hong Kong

Japanese White-Eye

6. The Wilson Trail: You can access the Wilson Trail at various locations in Tai Po District as the mountains surround Tai Po on the West and North sides. The whole trail is 78 km long and stretches the length and breadth of the territories and Hong Kong Island. Section 10 is to the North of Tai Po District into the Plover Cove Country Park. It follows Section 9 which crosses the beautiful Pat Sin Leng range.

Tai Po District - Hong Kong

Pat Sin Leng range, Section 9 or the Wilson Trail. This picture was taken at another beautiful location in Hong Kong, Ma On Shan Beach.

I’ve been to lots of places in Hong Kong, some of which I wouldn’t mind living, but I always come back to Tai Po and feel “this is home.” It’s conveniently located. Buses go from Tai Po in every direction. It’s only an hour’s ride on the bus to the major centers; Central, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan and Kwun Tong. There are two MTR stops; one at Tai Po Market and one at Tai Wo. There are loads of shops and everything you need is here.

There are lots of reasons to love Tai Po District. What’s not to love??



  • Jo-lana says:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the fascinating things to do & see in Hong Kong!! You sure have explored a lot!!! Makes me want to come back again 😉

  • Nadea says:

    Thanks, my friend! Comments like yours are what keeps me going! Glad you find it interesting because there is so much more to tell about our beautiful Hong Kong. All the best to you til we meet again!

  • Ben Zabulis says:

    I agree with all your points Nadea, Tai Po is a nice place, we live in a village between Tai Po and Shatin so get the best of both places and the lovely countryside along the way.

  • Nadea says:

    Hi Ben. We are so lucky to live in this area. I long for a more rural setting, but being in the town has it’s advantages and the countryside isn’t far away. I envy you your village setting! Thanks for stopping by.

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