Easy Nutritious Weeknight Dinner

It’s no secret that roast chicken makes an easy nutritious weeknight dinner. In my early days of living in Hong Kong, that was pretty much all that was available¬†that looked remotely like anything that I recognized in the form of meat in our Park and Shop, the local grocery chain.

Easy nutritious weeknight dinner

It wasn’t until I started to go to the wet market to shop that I discovered pork tenderloin. It’s great for roasting and for stir-fries with green leafy vegetables. And it’s the most tender cut available. And the cheapest, because the Chinese like fat, and, as you know, the tenderloin is the leanest cut of meat.

The Chinese don’t hang their beef, so it tends to be tough. Now, you can buy imported beef, even in the wet market. Tai Po has come a long way in the past 6 years. With the increased number of expats living in and around Tai Po, there are more imported food choices at the market and grocery stores.

Oh Happy Day!!

Here’s my version of an easy nutritious weeknight dinner – Roast Chicken

This roast chicken dinner is significant because it was the first one in my new oven, therefore the first one since moving to Hong Kong. Bear in mind, the pictures are about 6 years old. It was the meal that convinced my dear husband that it was a worthwhile investment after all! Ha!

It is no mean feat to make an easy nutritious weeknight dinner in a mini oven with only 2 feet of counter space to work on! It is possible, but it takes some doing and organizing. Hong Kong kitchens are notoriously small and mine is no exception. Ovens are not a concept in most Chinese kitchens and there really isn’t anywhere to put them in these tiny kitchens. But I found a space for mine! Heh-heh!

Easy Nutritious Weeknight Dinner


Most Chinese cooking is done using the stir-fry or steaming method. They cook things like steamed chicken, steamed fish, steamed dumplings, stir-fry green vegetables, stir-fry meat, sometimes they mix vegetables and meat in a stir-fry.

The Method

The first thing I do is wash the chickens. Then pull out the heart, lungs and liver and whatever else might be inside. Wash again. Then I put a dab of butter on top to make them nice and brown and shake salt and pepper on top. Keep it simple. It’s the best.

Next, cut up the squash and put dabs of butter on each slice, and salt and pepper. Arrange chickens and squash on a baking sheet. Slide in the oven and cook on 190 C, (350 F.) Roast until the juices in the chicken run clear when pierced. Chinese chickens have skinny breasts and fat legs, so the breast meat tends to dry out  a bit before the leg meat is fully cooked. It could take an hour and a half to roast completely.

Serving up your easy nutritious weeknight dinner

Easy nutritious weeknight dinner

I added asparagus and potatoes to the meal and it couldn’t have been easier to accomplish a really tasty, easy, nutritious weeknight dinner for two. Gravy and cranberry sauce completed the meal.

Yes, I know, you’re looking at the two plates and the two chickens. I know what you’re thinking! But believe me, there were leftovers!!

What’s your favorite easy, nutritious, weeknight dinner?

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