5 Exciting Salad Greens to Try

Let’s go beyond the boring and inject some interest to our salads this summer. Here are 5 exciting salad greens you’ve got to try at least once! I guarantee they’ll add some interest to your next salad. You might get some looks and comments, but be adventurous. You might not have to look far to find some new and interesting greens to add to the menu!

As I was checking my Google+platform, I noticed an article about growing greens that I thought was interesting. In this article, Janet, from One Acre Farm, reflects on some of the greens we’re used to, like beet greens, kale, and spinach. She also touches on mustard and arugula, which are less common in our diet. It’s this article that gave me the idea to write this one about some more unusual salad greens that you might not be accustomed to eating. She kindly let me link to her blog so you can read for yourself.

5 exciting salad greens to try this summer:

5 exciting salad greens to try

1. Sweet Potato greens. It’s true. They’re edible. They used to be cattle food, but now they’re human food since they found out how nutritious they are. In another post I told you how easy it is to grow them. In fact, I have some in my sink right now to have for dinner. There are two ways to eat these delicious, mild leaves. Here in Asia, we steam, stir fry or cook them in soup base. But it’s possible to eat them raw too, mixed with other salad greens. The flavour is a bit like grass. Not offensive at all. Well, if you can’t imagine eating something that tastes like grass, cook them like you would spinach only add some chopped garlic to the pan. Makes a world of difference.

5 exciting salad greens to try

2. Coleus greens. Yes, you heard me right. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Some friends of mine, from Indonesia, said they are popular salad greens in Indonesia. Apparently, it’s a good source of vitamin B12. I’m telling you that, because I’m not worried that you’ll overdose! The plant is quite bitter, so it’s best to just use a little, but if you like that peppery taste, you can use a lot. But use cautiously. I tried it in salad and to be frank, it’s a little too bitter for me, but you can also eat it lightly steamed. Maybe that removes some of the bitterness.

3. Dandelion greens.  Dandelions are cheap, plentiful and nutritious. I believe I mentioned this before in my post about beneficial weeds. The trouble is you never let them get high enough to develop into salad greens! In some countries, dandelions are a sought after vegetable. I remember some friends from the West Indies asking me where they could buy dandelion seed!! So, there you go. Diversity is wonderful, isn’t it? 

4. Plantain greens, (Plantago major). This plant has a long history of medicinal value, but it’s also apparently high in vitamin B1 and riboflavin. The young leaves are the best eaten as salad greens. It is a very common “weed” in much of the world. Isn’t it an exciting prospect to be able to save some money on your grocery bill by eating what’s growing wild around you??!

5 exciting salad greens to try

5. Nasturium (Tropaeolum majus). Nasturium salald greens will add peppery pizzazz to your next salad and you can make it pretty by adding an instant dash of color with the flowers. The seeds are even edible and are sometimes pickled and used as you would use capers.

Now, that should spice up your salad greens mix this summer. And not just your salad greens, but your greens in general. I just figure, life is short. Why be boring?

What are the most unusual salad greens you’ve ever tried? Leave a comment!



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