Container gardening ideas

I’ve been going through all my photos, scouring them for container gardening ideas, and I’m happy to say I found a few good ones from my travels to UK and old Quebec City. Whenever I go on holiday, I’m always on the lookout for gardening inspiration! They are great ideas for those climates, but I’ll have to file them away for my winter garden here. This is an inspirational post meant to give you some idea what you can achieve with hanging baskets and pots.

Over-the-top container gardening ideas

Irish inspiration:

container gardening ideas

This photo was taken in a friend’s garden in Ireland.

I love this little alcove in my friend’s Irish garden. She uses an antique French garden cart to hold beets and lettuce greens. Behind the cart is a gorgeous pink hydrangea that is also growing fabulously well in a container. I would advise lining the cart with plastic and adding a layer of drainage before planting. Any other suggestions how to do this?

Welsh Inspiration:

Container Gardening Ideas

This photo was taken in Tenby, Wales.

There are loads of hanging baskets everywhere in UK towns and villages. And they are all brimming over with a profusion of plants. I saw this hanging basket in Tenby, a seaside town in Wales. It is amazing how much you can put in a moss lined hanging basket. You can have baskets like this too. All you have to do is poke holes in the sides and poke your plants in the holes. I’m sorry the photo isn’t clearer, but you get the idea. It’s not hard to create something like this when you use young plants and fertilize regularly, like, every two weeks.

Container Garden Ideas

This photo was taken in Tenby as well.

 English Inspiration:

I love the red and white and blue profusion of blooms in these hanging baskets. They are filled with Pelargoniums, and what look like Supertunias and ivy geraniums. Pelargoniums and Supertunias are both easy care annuals.

Container Garden Ideas

Windsor, England

Container Gardening Ideas

These hanging baskets, back-dropped by Windsor Castle, are filled with ivy geraniums, Supertunias and salvia. What a way to add beauty to an already beautiful town! I’d love to create something that looks like this. The key is to start with small plants and once planted in your container give it a head start in a greenhouse.

French Inspiration:

These inspiring container gardening ideas were found in old Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, in 2009. I love the originality and creativity of these containers. What do you think?

Container Gardening Ideas

A group of large red pots on display in old Quebec City.

These huge red pots were filled with tropical looking plants. They’re very playful, aren’t they?

Container Gardening Ideas

This urn is covered with moss and and square of succulents at the base. I’m not sure what all is in the planter, but one of the plants is Amaranthus caudatus, otherwise known as Love Lies Bleeding. It is the centerpiece of the whole arrangement. When you figure out how they made this lovely moss covered creation, let me know, okay!?

There is just one last one to fuel your imagination and get you looking around your yard, figuring out what to re-purpose for your fabulous new container gardening ideas! I found this is in old Quebec City as well.

Container Gardening Ideas

Old re-purposed lobster pot

You can do better with the plants, but isn’t it a great idea?

What amazing container gardening ideas will you come up with this summer?  Hope this gets you inspired! Please add your voice in the comments below!


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