Remember Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a day to remember Mom. This post is written in memory of my mother who passed away six years ago with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s actually seven years since we celebrated Mother’s Day together. I remember Mom as being a real lady. Somehow she failed in putting that across to daughter number three, not for lack of trying, I’m sure. lol! I also remember Mom as being infinitely patient. She had to be…she had me. Or maybe by the time she had me, the other five had already taught her patience!

remember mom on mother's day

I remember Mom…

I’ve been remembering all the things I loved about my Mom. She was an impeccable house keeper, a wonderful cook, keen gardener, and supportive mother. She took me to piano lessons every week for years and when it came time to get my driver’s license, it was she who bravely accompanied me on my daily driving practice. Poor Mom! She was great. When I think of it now, she really had a lot of courage!! lol! I can still see us reeling around some of those hairpin curves on Stars Point Rd, and Mom yelping at me to slow down!

remember mom on mother's day

It was Mom who passed on her love of gardening to me. She didn’t waste any time getting me started in the garden. I was about four years old. It was full of big, (ugly), Marigolds, pretty Cosmos in pinks and white, Allysum and a shrub that looks to me like a variegated Dogwood. (Is there such a thing?) I can still vaguely remember admiring our handiwork.

remembering mom on mother's day

I remember Mom loved her red geraniums and had them everywhere. In fact, her favorite flower color was red. She had red tulips, red roses, red poppies and red geraniums! I particularly like the juxtaposition of red and pink that was pure serendipity with the poppies and Aquilegia above.

remember mom

I must take after her because when I look at my garden, I see a lot of red too! There are red Poinsettias, red Hippeastrums, red Dianthus, red Freesias and red leaved Coleus. Goodness. That’s a lot of redness. No wonder if gets a bit heavy sometimes.remembering mom on  mother's day

Mom used to keep her geraniums from year to year, overwintering them in the basement. In March, she would bring them out of hibernation and let them grow a bit before she started taking cuttings. She always had gorgeous plants. I remember not liking them very much, maybe because there were so many. Now whenever I see them or smell them, I think of Mom. I want to surround myself with these hardy plants. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck with them since moving to Hong Kong.

remembering mom on mother's day

I remember Mom had the hugest Chrysanthemum display in the Fall. They were her pride and joy. She knew exactly when and how to pinch them in June so they would send out shoots that would be covered in buds followed by masses of blooms in October. Again, Mom’s first choice of color was red, yellow, orange! Because they were “showy,” you know. That was important.

It wasn’t just me who inherited her love of gardening. It turns out that my two sisters were also infected with the gardening bug. They have gorgeous gardens too.

remembering mom on mother's day

There were other plants that Mom loved. They were her sky blue delphiniums, peonies, orange day lilies. and Sweet Williams, Mock Oranges, Lilacs and Weigelias. Here’s a picture of the Delphiniums.

remembering mom on mother's day

Thanks Mom, for passing on the gardening gene!

I was inspired to write about my mother after reading Savvy Gardening’s newsletter, sent to their subscribers, about their mothers. (You should check out their blog. It’s full of tips and ideas. And Niki is a dear friend of mine from our days at NSAC.)

I apologize for the poor image quality. All the photos were scanned from old pictures in the days before digital cameras. Thanks for Corel Paint Shop Pro XI, they look a lot better than the originals!

What are your favorite memories of your mother? Would love to hear in the comments!


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