Garden trends for 2015

It’s anyone’s guess what the top garden trends for 2015 will be, but here are a few strong contenders.  Who decides what a garden trend will be?  It’s you, the gardener!  Your changing gardening habits and mindset decide what, where and how you will spend your money every year. garden trends for 2015

For instance, there is a strong DIY element at work in the gardening community.  Gardeners are taking what they have at hand, recycling and upcycling  their stuff and giving it new life in the garden setting.  Gardeners are also heavily borrowing from nature to create more natural looking garden features such as fencing, arbors and plant supports that are fashioned from branches off trees.

Top pick of the garden trends for 2015

Take out the lawn!

garden trends for 2015

1.I might be wrong, but I’m going to guess that one of the top garden trends for 2015 will be the removal of the lawn. And why not? Ok, maybe a little is nice, but make it just enough to rest the eyes and the rest is plants. But what if you live in an area where there is severe drought? It’s wise to move away from water guzzler lawns to water-wise gardens. You would be amazed with what you can do with succulents and cactus to create stunning landscapes of color, shape and size and texture. Set yourself a challenge and make a water-wise garden this year.

Know where your food comes from.

garden trends for 2015

2. There is a growing awareness of where food comes. Home owners and apartment dwellers alike are joining the grow-your-own food movement. What’s not to love about being able to go out in your backyard and pick fresh produce from your own garden that you grew with your own TLC, coaxing it into life and coddling it along to the harvest. And why restrict your garden to your backyard? Vegetables are perfectly at home in the front yard too. They can be integrated into any design and look fabulous. Think veggies are boring?  Look at the colors of the veggies, and the color and texture of the leaves. See what I mean? Some even use veggies, like leaf lettuce, to edge their borders. I think it’s a fabulous idea! What if you don’t have a yard? No problem! You can grow something on your windowsill, roof or balcony. You can grow something!

Garden with the children.

3. Getting the children involved. I’m so glad my mother got me involved in growing a garden. I had my first garden when I was 4 or 5 years old! You know what? Lots of children think produce comes from the supermarket. Full stop. Teach your kids where food comes. Please! I’m so glad families are getting involved in gardening together now.

Install a rain barrel.

4. Tying in with a water-wise garden is installing a rain barrel to collect rainwater coming down your gutter spout. Rain water is soft and plants love it. Find out how to install a rain barrel on Savvy Gardening. In some parts, it’s imperative to have a rain barrel.

Make a rain garden.

garden trends for 2015

5. In researching this post, I discovered a trend toward rain gardens. Turns out I was years ahead of the trend because that’s what I had created for my parents in their back garden. I filled it with water loving plants that would appreciate the run-off from the paved driveway beside them. Some of the plants I used were Astilbe, Meadowsweet, hardy Roses, Astrantia, Veronica spicata and day lilies, (Hemeracallis sp.) Under the arbor I planted hostas and Siberian Irises.

Birds, bees and butterflies!

garden trends for 2015

Chinese Windmill butterfly

6. One of the hottest garden trends for 2015 is to plant gardens with the birds, bees and butterflies in mind. They all need food and nesting places. If you allow them to have their way, your garden won’t be perfect, but you’ll be doing your bit to save their lives and preserve the delicate balance of nature. Go with native species, and not the hybridized versions. Find out what breeds of birds and butterflies are in your area and plant what they need to survive. There’s a lot to know and learn about this subject, more than can be said here.

garden trends for 2015

Grow it in a container!

7. More people are growing vegetables and flowers in containers. The advantage is that they can be moved around to follow the sun or find the shade. Large containers can be easily moved around on a round stand with castors. No need to break your back!

Rooftop urban gardens.

garden trends for 2015

Container grown veggies on my Hong Kong rooftop garden.

8.In Hong Kong, the trend is to go up, as usual. There’s no where else to go, but up! Urban farms are springing up everywhere atop the cities skyscrapers. Time to gives workshops and helps set up urban farms on rooftops in Kowloon and the Island area. I love what they’re doing because they’re helping communities get involved in growing their own food.

Less is more.

9. The less is more minimalist take on gardening is something I’ll never aspire to. I like plants too much. I can see keeping your plant palette to a few plants you really like, but not a row of pots all with the same single plant in it. I agree that it looks clean and orderly, but I like the interest in a diversified landscape.

Make a compost heap.

10. Lastly, make room for a compost heap. That’s an on-going trend. For, if you have one, you will be very rich and your garden will reward you plentifully. I’m not practicing what I preach because I haven’t worked out how to make mine on my roof top that gets full sun and is very, very hot in the summer. I’m working on it though!

These are the garden trends for 2015. Are they spot on? We shall see. In the meantime, maybe you could let me know what your garden plans are for 2015. Drop a line below!


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