Unusual floral fashion at Hong Kong Flower Show 2015

This year I had the chance to go to the Hong Kong Flower Show in Victoria Park.  While I was there I saw some very unusual floral fashion. For a city that prides itself on high fashion, the designs were, to say the least, original.

What you see at the Hong Kong Flower Show:

So first, some background knowledge of the show. According to the official website by the Hong Kong Government ¬†Leisure and Cultural Services Department, this year’s show attracted around 590,000 visitors. It is held every year in March. Several countries from across the world participated this year. If you’ve never been there, here’s what to expect:

-various horticulture societies showcasing their African Violets, Orchids, Chinese Medicine herbs

unusual floral fashion

-exhibits of stunning floral designs

-large exhibits showcasing different themes, such as sustainability, Japanese style, Thai style, English cottage garden style

-huge display of tulips, (amid tulip lovers)unusual floral fashion

-vendors selling plants of all kinds, (I saw some gorgeous orchids going out the gate)

-vendors selling food and natural food products like honey, and drink, of course

-vendors selling their books, (like Sammi,who helped build a vast collection of pictures of plants from Hong Kong gardens, and compiled them into 4 books in English and Chinese, complete with correct names and culture of each plant. Two more books are on the way. Whew! What a lot of work, but it’s so great to have these invaluable reference books for Hong Kong gardens. Thanks Sammi!)

-a stage in the middle for various performances and demonstrations in floral design

And that unusual floral fashion…

I led you to believe that I was going to tell you about some new fashions in floral prints. Well, here they are! Fancy adding one to your collection?? The first one is made from dried lotus flowers. The last two feature orchids and foliage.

unusual floral fashion


unusual floral fashion


unusual floral fashion

So what’s your favorite design?

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