The techie future of gardening

The future of gardening could look quite different if you consider the uses of the drones and robotics I saw on display at the Global Sources Electronics Show in Hong Kong on the weekend.

Robotics and the future of gardening

The techie future of gardening

This robotic has been developed by a Hong Kong company, Hanson Robotics, in conjunction with The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Imagine it.

In the future, humanoid robots could take care of all the menial tasks that we hate, freeing us up to do the things we love! We could program them to do all the heavy lifting, carrying and digging, while we do the fun bits like designing and planting the garden.They might actually be fun to have about in the garden!

The techie future of gardening

Interestingly, they are exploring the possibility of using robotics with older people, to keep them company in nursing homes and with autistic children because they are able to keep up with the repetition that is needed in their treatment.  This particular robotic is controlled by an app on a smartphone.  It was fun to test him out.  There are about a dozen facial expressions with varying degrees of intensity as well as wink one and two. He can even answer back when spoken to.

Uses for drones in the garden

The techie future of gardening

Drones were the superstars of the show. I must confess to being a little non-plussed. I was expecting something more dramatic. In reality, they are quite cheap and flimsy looking. I don’t think they’re cheap to buy though. For the most part, the ones on show were geared toward photography enthusiasts.

Possible applications may include aerial photography, filming, climate monitoring, emergency dispatching, disaster investigation, and criminal investigations.  In one of the brochures I picked up at the show, they also mentioned doing agriculture surveys.  I’m not sure what that means.  But I was thinking it could be used to monitor insect infestations in crops and dispatching of natural predators. I haven’t really been able to come up with any practical uses in the home garden, except the photography aspect.

Can you think of any other novel ways to put drones or robotics to good use in the garden??



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