Chamomile Tea Rejuvenates African Violets

Chamomile tea rejuvenates African Violets

Are your African Violets tired, droopy and fed up? I used to apply food every time I watered mine, but it didn’t do anything. It wasn’t until I learned about and started using chamomile tea that they started to perk up and come back to life. Chamomile tea rejuvenates African Violets almost overnight. I have proven this many times. It’s a tip I picked up along the way, I forget where, but it’s such a good one, I have to pass it on!Chamomile tea rejuvenates African Violets

It would be far easier for me to go to the market and buy new ones here in Hong Kong, but I just can’t bear to throw out a green, living thing!

Here’s what to do:

Chamomile tea rejuvenates African Violets

You can use a couple of teaspoons of chamomile tea flowers or a teabag or two of chamomile steeped in hot water. Let it cool. Then put the tea into a spray bottle and give the foliage of your African Violets a good misting. If your plants are basking in indirect light or under lights, as mine are, then you’ll see results in a day or two. The foliage that hung down will perk up and then you’ll begin to see little buds forming and peeping out from under the foliage.

chamomile tea rejuvenates african violets

I’ve done this to mine a couple of times this year and the results have been amazing. My little violets hadn’t bloomed for two years and they looked flat and tired, but after I sprayed them, they immediately perked up and started sending out buds.

So, why does it work?  It is said that there are tannins in the tea that may trigger the plant to set flower buds.  I think it may have to do with raising the humidity around the plant.

chamomile tea rejuvenates African violets

So, go.

Mist your violets.

You’ll thank me for this great tip later.

Send me photos too. I like photos. I’ll post them up here for all to see.  🙂


  • Thelsa says:

    Thanks for the tip……going to try it.Mine are in bloom now and need repotting….should I wait until blooms for off?

  • Nadea says:

    Hi, Thelsa! As far as I know it’s okay to spritz them while the blooms are on, that’s what I’m doing anyway. Just take care to avoid spritzing the flowers as it won’t do them any good. And don’t let the leaves get any direct sunlight when wet as it will leave spots on the leaves and they’ll rot. Mine are growing under lights, so I don’t have to worry about that problem. Indirect light near an East facing window, is still the best. Hope this helps!

  • Felia says:

    Amazing! I hope it works on my African violet. It suddenly when droopy with no apparent reason… I’m so worried. Does it have to be Chamomile tea or would any tea do?

  • Nadea says:

    I haven’t tried using other tea. I would stick with chamomile tea, simply because it works. You can kill an African Violet by over-watering, just as quickly as under-watering. Good luck! I hope it survives.

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