Typhoon Season and Your Rooftop Garden… Are You Ready??

Is your rooftop container garden ready for the typhoon season??

Typhoon season is coming! It’s nearly here! I’m still reaping the benefits of my winter garden… fresh tomatoes every day, and dill, basil, and carrots too. But because my little rooftop space is so exposed to the elements and I’ve limited space inside for storage, I have to think of down-sizing for the summer and doing a major cleanup of the garden.

I’m not ready.

I don’t even want to think about it.


small containers like these need to be put away during typhoon season

Small containers like these need to be put away and the plants moved to larger containers.

Typhoons aren’t my only natural enemy…

…the sun is another enemy of my poor little exposed piece of garden space. Summers in Hong Kong can be lethal: hot and humid. And windy. My rooftop garden gets full sun for half the day in the summer.


Preparation is key…

So the only thing to do is to prepare your mind that the season is upon us and then prepare your garden. A good cleanup of the garden is the first step.

  • Cast a critical eye about your garden.


  • Tidy up any unused pots lying about, wash them up and put them away for future use.


  • Toss any old plants that aren’t performing well.  There’s no room for non-performers.


  • It’s time to empty the soil out of your large containers. When the rain comes it adds a tremendous weight to the roof when your pots are waterlogged. One advantage of waterlogged pots is that they won’t blow away! But really, if your container is already heavy, it might be best to empty it, partially at least.


easy garden lifestyle typhoon season

Use larger containers like the three big ones in this picture. Two of them are clay pots.

The second step is to put any plants that are in small containers into larger, heavier containers. You don’t want them to blow away in the typhoon, do you?

I just realized that this sounds contradictory to what I said above. I mean, that you should use containers that are just heavy enough that they won’t blow away when the typhoon comes. The rain helps to hold them in place. Giant pots, on the other hand, need to be emptied. Just as a precaution.  It would be bad if the roof caved in during a typhoon. The best thing to do is to make sure the roof is structurally sound in order to bear the weight. Soil and water are very heavy.

Typhoon season is coming...are you ready?

Harvest your veggies.

Thirdly, if you’re growing vegetables, harvest them and that applies to tomatoes, which, I’m told, will rot on the plant when the rains come. Even if you pick them green, they will still ripen.

Basically, if your garden is a container garden on an exposed rooftop in Hong Kong, these are the steps you need to take to prepare for the upcoming typhoon season.

Well, looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I’d best get at it!


What do you do to prepare your rooftop garden for the typhoon season in your area?


*All photo credits belong to me.


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