How to get your Hippeastrum to Re-bloom

Learn how to get your Hippeastrum to re-bloom

in this simple tutorial…

I’ve always wondered how to get my Hippeastrum to re-bloom the next year. It seems such a waste to throw away the bulb after such a quick, dynamic display. It’s all over way to fast! Last year I got a lot of advice and decided to try my luck. I discovered it’s really easy to do. Here’s what I did.

How to get your hippeastrum to re-bloom

1. Let it grow.

More growth = bigger bulbs.  I didn’t do anything special to it, I just let it grow and left it to nature’s devices.  In my Hong Kong garden, it stayed outside the whole year.  Letting the leaves grow and then die back is essential so that the bulb receives lots of food for next year’s flowers.

2. Fertilize it.

It’s a good idea to apply a diluted general purpose fertilizer during the growth period after flowering is finished.  This will help in the development of next year’s flowers.

How to get your hippeastrum to re-bloom

This is the bare-root stage, before you put your Hippeastrum bulb in the fridge for a good rest.

3. Chilling.

Yes, your Hippeastrum bulb needs a good chilling for 6 weeks.

  • Take the bulb out of the pot.
  • Clean the bulb in water to remove all soil from the roots.
  • Make sure it’s DRY before you store it.
  • Trim the roots while you’re at it.  Mine were long.

If you live in the subtropics, just pop it in the fridge crisper drawer.  Important:  Don’t put it anywhere near ripening apples as the gas from the apples will kill the flowers.  I didn’t put anything else in the crisper drawer the whole time the bulb was in there, just to be on the safe side.  If you live in a more temperate climate, you could put the bulb in a cool dark place in some peat moss.

How to get your Hippeastrum to re-bloom

The bulb on the left is the old bulb that I had saved and the one on the right is a new one.

4. Ready to re-pot.

  • Position the bulb over a glass or jar of water so that just the roots are sitting in the water.  The roots are very dry so you this step is very beneficial in order to get your bulb to come out of it’s resting period.
  • Prepare a pot about 2 inches bigger than your bulb.
  • Position the bulb so that 2/3 of the bulb is above the soil level.
  • Water it well to get it growing.
  • They hate to be drowned, so water only when the top inch of soil is dry.

5. Sit back and watch it grow!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my Hippeastrum to re-bloom!  Using this exact method, I was rewarded with 4 big blooms this year.  Pat on the back.  If I can do it, you can do it too.  So don’t throw out those bulbs ever again!  Now I have two growing away and I’m fertilizing them this time to get bigger better plants for next year.

How to get your Hippeastrum to re-bloom

Here is the old bulb blooming for the second time!

I’d love to hear how you got your Hippeastrum to re-bloom?  Please tell me in the comments below! 


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